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Fexr Self-Custody Wallet is now available

Imagine having complete control over your personal information

Even engage with to your Community & Leads just with your virtual asset address.

Communicate across teams to improve after every Service Order
Projections on demand volatility and facilities
AI conversational agents and Community Lead program
Activate and engage micro listings & passes
Create Club Member IDs secured with Blockchain standards for interoperability
Augment your existing ERP & CRM with full data ownership

The Rise of Collaborative Ownership

We've crafted an unparalleled experience, emphasizing swift interactions within premium communities. Contact to learn more.


With Fexr.Club, over one-third of your subscription fee directly supports your Community Lead, who assists with tech integrations and drives impactful campaigns. Imagine a Patreon designed for your favorite data-driven business, not just video content. Join Fexr.Club and empower your business with dedicated community support and market-driven insights.

Fill out the form and we'll be in touch to set up a call, go over your needs and develop a plan together.

Predictable pricing, best of Fexr

Fexr operates on a simple tier-based and pay-as-you-go model, charging only for the resources you use. Soon accepting cryptocurrency payments, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Tether (USDT), for various fees.

Fexr.Club & API is currently in early stage development. Get started for free but please be aware of potential bugs. We announced our plans ahead to avoid any surprises later once you've started.


Unlimited Members

1 Club

1GB database storage

5GB file storage

10GB bandwidth

100MB document uploads

2,000 monthly active users

10 concurrent Realtime connections

7-day log retention

Email support

An affordable starter package perfect for managing one clubs with essential features for your club.



Unlimited Members

Upto 8 Clubs

2GB database storage

25 GB file storage

100GB bandwidth

1GB document uploads

20,000 monthly active users

100 concurrent Realtime connections

7-day log retention

Email support

The 'Most Popular' plan, offering a balanced range of resources, tailored for growing businesses.


Unlimited Members

Unlimited Clubs

8GB database storage

100 GB file storage

250GB bandwidth

5GB document uploads

100,000 monthly active users

500 concurrent Realtime connections

28-day log retention

Priority email support & SLAs

Additional Club member roles

Deployments and build containers in an isolated network with dedicated IP addresses in a region of their choice and logically separated from other containers.

A comprehensive plan for unlimited club growth with advanced features and support.

Pay as you go

Unlimited Members

Unlimited Clubs

Custom database storage

Custom file storage

Custom bandwidth

Custom document uploads

Custom monthly active users

Custom concurrent Realtime connections

Custom log retention period

Designated Support manager & SLAs

Additional Club member roles

Fexr Secure Compute

On-premise support

Private Discord channel

Ensuring every business owner get exactly what they need for scalability and compliance.