User Onboarding tools

Regularly update the installed packages to keep your Fexr API's stable, usable, and secure.


  1. When new users sign up, you can initiate a walkthrough of features and tools available in your service, this can be done in one step or continously as users progesses.
  2. When new user successfully uses first cycle of your service, you can prompt them to give feedback (Net Promoter Score) on a scale of 10.
  3. Try different layouts to customize the onboarding experience.
  4. A/B Test user actions to different layouts to see which one works best.
  5. One notification a day to remind users to complete onboarding.
  6. Weekly survey to measure retention and impact your product have on them.
  7. Automate re-engagement notifications and survey collection from users of your customer.

Shortcut in action

When you add onboarding_pro bot as a member to your usage (FO) in Fexr:

  1. Bot runs onboarding_pro blueprint for the first time and check for required variables (in “variables” sync), and if not already exists:
  • create new sync “variables” with a newly generated tracking code for NPS survey.
  • crete ab_test sync file with a randomly generated A/B test code, which could be updated later.
  • collects selling and focus points of your business for targeted onboarding and re-engagement notifications to your users. This is published in club for transparency.
  1. Collects Net Promotes Score from users and updates the onboarding widget.
  2. Calculate ROI from users and update the widget.
  3. Optionally publish weekly onboarding summary in the club which can be shared to other social media platforms.
  4. Generate weekly detailed report which is shared over mail.
  5. Run A/B test from steps you confirured in the “ab_test” sync file.


  • NPS
    1. Create variable sync if not already exists
    2. generate tracking code and save it to variable sync as “NPS_TRACKING_CODE”
    3. next time when get_nps is run we collect NPS and pin it
  • AB Test
    1. Check for ab_test sync, abort if not already exists
    2. reflect change in parameters at client side based on the ab_test sync
  • Survey
    1. Check availability of customer webhook to send survey question answers and user tag from their user.
    2. Generate question based on the business and show it to user
    3. Collect answers and send to provided webhook.