Pricing 🍞

TLDR: Usage is currently restricted beta for invite only users until October 2021. Kindly show interest to give early feedback to our product by joining as Beta user (Free). Confirmation will be notified to your email.

You’re spending a lot every month on this problem already.

Your time and efforts are not cheap. There is significant effort and time required to put multiple services in place manually by yourself. (Our pricing details comming once our services go public)

Consistant Pricing

Next price change on Q1 2024

We at Fexr believe in providing consistant and fair priced services to every users at Fexr. Any change in prices will only happen once in three years.

How are we able to do it? We are a self funded startup, and we spend less than 30% of our profit on marketing our products. People love us for what we are so we decided not to change the way we do business with our users.

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Contact us if you have any questions.

Effective Date: 10th March 2021