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Release History and Roadmap

Fexr aims to deliver people with wider and open access to no-lock-in technology in payments privacy technology.

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Here’s your guide to the development progress of Fexr. We are working hard to make Fexr the best Web3 payments platform for you. Meanwhile, you can follow our progress and get involved in the development process.

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2023 Jan

Fluir (upcoming)

Now connect your wallet with popular web and mobile apps and sign from your phone.

2022 Oct

Hypergreen (stable)

Wallet app refresh with new design, reward program, new onboarding, and more.

2022 Mar


Fexr is now available on the App Store and Google Play. Passport (DID) Oracles and Payments is focused.

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Fexr core wallet​

Users can carry their node inside mobile wallet, able to switch between any hot node/subnet at will. Complete sovereignty not just over keys, but node/chain. All with Web2 quality UX

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Authentication, storage and subscriptions - easy with Fexr, secure and borderless on blockchain

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Sky 2FA & Connector​

Open-source and self-hosted blockchain node communicator tool for VMs and servers. Optimized for subnet based blockchain protocols.

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