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Your On-Chain transactions

Enabling P2P transactions across multiple networks with mobile device signing and payment requests through web apps is a great feature for Fexr users. It allows for a seamless and secure transaction process, ensuring that users can confidently transfer funds across different networks without the need for intermediaries. With mobile device signing, users have complete control over their private keys, making it a highly secure option for self-custody wallets.

The ability to initiate transactions through web apps or services connected with checkout is also highly convenient for users. By using checkout web app or checkout PWA on their device, users can easily connect to other web apps they use and initiate transactions with just a few clicks. This feature saves users time and streamlines the transaction process, making it easier for them to manage their tokenized asset assets on the go. The combination of security and convenience makes this feature a great addition to Fexr's self-custody wallet, and it's no surprise that it is highly valued by its users.

Mobile Device Signing for Enhanced Security

With the rise of self-custody wallets, security has become a top priority for tokenized asset users. Fexr's mobile device signing feature provides an added layer of security for P2P transactions across multiple networks. Let's take a closer look at how it works.

Fexr wallet screenshot from send-to page

One of the key benefits of using Fexr's mobile device signing feature for P2P transactions is enhanced privacy. By keeping the transaction signing process on the user's mobile device, Fexr ensures that private keys are never exposed to other devices or networks. This feature provides an added layer of security and privacy for users. Let's delve into the details of how it works.

Offline Transaction Signing or Cold Wallet

Cold wallet mode can be particularly useful for offline transactions when using Fexr tokenized asset wallet. This is because cold wallet mode stores private keys offline, away from internet-connected devices, making them less vulnerable to hacking attempts and cyber attacks. When conducting offline transactions, users can simply connect their cold/offline wallet device to a computer or mobile phone and sign the transaction using their private key, without exposing it to potential security threats. This helps to ensure the security and integrity of the transaction, providing users with greater peace of mind when conducting offline transactions.

In Fexr, when the user turns on the offline transaction mode in the settings, the device will not receive transaction requests directly. Instead, the user can generate a QR code for the transaction on a device that is connected to the internet, such as a mobile phone or computer or another Fexr wallet hosting the transaction for the cold wallet. This QR code can be scanned by the cold wallet device, which will then sign the transaction using its offline private keys. Signature can be exported in form of a JSON file to complete the transaction. This allows the user to conduct offline transactions securely without exposing their private keys to potential security threats. By offering this feature, Fexr provides users with greater flexibility and control over their wallet security and usage.

Convenient Transaction Requests with Web Apps and Services

Fexr's web extension and offline PWA checkout ( available at ) feature makes it easier for users to request P2P transactions across different networks. Allowing connected businesses to request transactions from a browser opens up a wide range of use cases for Fexr Tokenized Asset self-custody wallet. Here are a few examples:

Fexr wallet is a versatile tool for businesses to facilitate payment requests from their customers, whether it's for online purchases, bill payments, or invoice payments. With Fexr wallet, businesses can easily send payment requests, and customers can quickly authorize the payment with their wallet, making the process faster and more convenient.

Subscription payments are also made easier with Fexr wallet. Businesses can send payment requests to customers' wallets when subscription payments are due, streamlining the payment process for both parties. Additionally, Fexr wallet can facilitate cross-border payments, making it easier for businesses to receive payments from customers in different countries and currencies.

Fees and Limits

To ensure a smooth transaction process, it's important for Fexr users to have a clear understanding of the networks that are supported for P2P transactions, as well as any fees or limits that may apply.

ChainTickerSubnetFeeMinimum AmountMaximum AmountTPSConsensus AlgorithmSmart Contract Support
Rubix Modular L1RBTSubnet 100.0011000100Proof of PledgeYes