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Settings are the way you can change the way you use Fexr. You can change the following settings:

  • Language
  • Currency
  • gateway
  • Theme

Optionally, you can also change the following settings if you have administator access to the Sky gateway you are connected to:

  • Sky gateway name
  • Sky gateway description
  • Sky gateway logo
  • Sky gateway URL
  • Generate new Sky gateway OTP

You can also access the following information:

  • Connected wallets
  • Blockchains intergrated with the Sky gateway
  • Error logs of interactions with the Sky gateway

You can only change the settings of the Sky gateway you are connected to and has maintainer privilage for your connected wallet address. You cannot change the settings of other Sky gateways.

Wallets with maintainer privilage can be set by the Sky gateway owner using the command sky set-maintainer <wallet-address>.

list of all settings and their description will be available here soon.