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Decentralization in Fexr

Fexr supports multiple distributed ledger protocols. You can use your Fexr wallet to authenticate on any of these protocols. Fexr wallet supports the following protocols:

Subnet architecture is amazing for decentralised applications

With all the benefits of decentralised applications, there are some challenges that need to be addressed. One of the biggest challenges is the scalability of the network. The current blockchain networks are not scalable and are not able to handle the load of the applications built on top of them. This is because of the consensus mechanism used in these networks and the way states are stored and synced across the network.

Fexr uses a different approach to solve this problem. Fexr uses protocols with subnet architecture to solve the scalability problem. In this architecture, the network is divided into subnets. Each subnet is a separate blockchain network with rules inherited from the parent protocol. Each subnet has its own state. The subnets are interoperable within the protocol. This means that the subnets can communicate with each other and share the state. This architecture allows the network to scale horizontally. This means that the network can scale by adding more subnets to the network. This also means that the network can scale by adding more nodes to the network.