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Contacts are the way you share your data with other users. Contact include the following information:

  • Blockchain Address
  • Nickname set for your wallet
  • Last time you sent or received a transaction from the contact
  • Details if you have registed as a business in Fexr.Club
  • If you are a freequent contact of the user or otherwise.

How to add a contact?

You can add a contact by scanning the QR code of the user or by entering the address of the user. You can also add a contact by searching for the user in the search bar.

If I can search contacts, are they stored in a centralized database?

When you create a blockchain address with Fexr, your address is findable across the protocol you are connected to. To make this step easier for users, service providers onboarding new users through Sky connector will also maintain or host a database of all the user addresses who have used their service. This database is decentralized and is not controlled by any single entity. This database is also not controlled by Fexr. Fexr only provides the tools to make this process easier for users.