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Working Process of Fexr

Here’s your guide to the development progress of Fexr. We are working hard to make Fexr the best Web3 payments platform for you.

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2022 Oct


Wallet app refresh with new design, reward program, new onboarding, and more.

2022 Mar


Fexr is now available on the App Store and Google Play. Passport (DID) Oracles and Payments is focused.

Creator Economy​

We have analysed key elements required for Fexr as a business that fit together in a community driven world of artists, businesses, schools and governments adopting to user-owned internet of the future. As core team coming from Engineering specialities, we had put together strategies that allows multiple verticals to grow in their expertise.

Along with product development, we are heavily invested in defining the problem we should be tackling in this ecosystem. Ability to work closely with the greenest blockchain period with ever growing block space has helped Fexr to push great ideas to the fast-lane development.

You can help communicate your priorities as a user of Fexr as we plan detail of this roadmap. We believe ourselves as a team of influencers as we had to spend surprising amount of time in a host of external constituencies, including daily users, media, investors and NGOs to proactively address their concerns meshed with Fexr’s interest. This shift is essential to have much greater impact as first mover in Rubix ecosystem.


Fexr.Club is an exclusive community of Fexr users (including integration partners) and enthusiasts. We are a group of people who are passionate about Fexr and want to help you build a community of Fexr users.

Club comes with ecosystem of tools and services that help you to build blockchain powered services and products cost effectively at scale. More details will be documented here before initial release.

Who can join?

Anyone who is interested in Fexr.Club can join waitlist by subscribing to our newsletter.